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The Lion King 2019 Review: Farts Are OK Now, & so is Violent BULLYING!

This 2019 version of “The Lion King” is truly a visually lush and beautiful 3D computer animated movie, that shows us just how amazing traditional 2D hand animated movies can be in comparison. A flawed remake, with some interesting and sometimes disturbing changes, for a new generation of (easier to upset and influence) children and…


The How to Train Your Dragon adventure that we've come to enjoy, started out from humble beginnings in 1999 when British author Cressida Cowell published her first book about Hiccup (a Viking father-and-son story), and in 2003 releasing “How to Train Your Dragon” which was the first of a series of books that featured dragons. Find out more about the beginnings from cute little story book to massive movie, TV series, games, comics and merchandise franchise by reading our articles below.

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Fellow fans and Dragon Riders, posting comments, and discussing HTTYD news, art and other related subjects.

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